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Wendover Meets the King

Sixteen-year-old Timmy is a master falconer who loves watching his prize peregrine falcon, Wendover, hunt for pheasant. One day while flushing a bird, Timmy trips and hits his head on a rock. Just as Wendover dives toward the pheasant, it’s lights out for Timmy. When he awakens, he thinks everything is the same as always. Or is it?

Timmy realizes he has somehow ended up in medieval England and the court of King Richard. He learns that he is to be the king’s master falconer in charge of flying thirteen of the king’s best hunting falcons. A great hunt is planned where King Phillip of France and King Richard intend to fly their falcons, drink wine, and talk politics. But all is not so grand. The French king’s falconer, Dubois, is an evil man and wants to harm Wendover. Worse yet, King Phillip has a dangerous surprise for King Richard. Now it is up to Timmy, Wendover, and Wendover’s trusty sidekick pack rat, Diego, to not only save themselves, but also King Richard from a horrible fate—before it is too late.

Wendover Meets the King continues the adventures of a peregrine falcon, his master, and a passionate pack rat as they are cast back in time to rescue a king in trouble.